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1. Intended Use and population

1.1 Intended use

Perifit is a connected solution intended for entertainment. Perifit is composed of a wireless device and an app that form an interactive platform that allows users to control videos games with their pelvic floor muscles.

1.2 Indications

Perifit is intended for vaginal use by adults.

1.3 Contraindications

Do not use your Perifit if:

  • You are pregnant
  • You have given birth within the last 6 weeks
  • You experience persistent pain when inserting or using Perifit, even with water-based lubricant
  • You have one of the following conditions and have not discussed Perifit usage with a medical professional:
    • recent history of recurrent urinary tract infection
    • continuous urine loss or incomplete bladder voiding
    • neurological issues such as reflex modifications, numbness, loss of sensitivity
    • severe  pelvic  pain  or  muscle  spasms,  new  pain after menopause, or the appearance of a mass or lump in the pelvis
    • hematuria (blood in your urine), bleeding from the anus or bleeding after sexual intercourse
    • hypertonic pelvic floor, vaginismus
    • you have had pelvic or genital surgery
  • You have moderate to severe prolapse, and you have not yet consulted a medical professional
  • You are allergic to medical-grade silicone

2. Safety Information

2.1 Warnings and Precautions


Failure to follow the instructions and safety information can lead to injury or damage to the device.

Perifit is not intended to diagnose, prevent or treat any medical condition. If you are unsure whether or not you should use Perifit, please consult a qualified medical professional.

In order to avoid risks of contamination:

  • Clean your hands and your Perifit before and after every use with warm, soapy water
  • Store your Perifit when it is completely dry, in a clean and dry environment
Please refer to the “Cleaning Perifit” section in this User Guide.


In order to avoid burns:

  • Keep Perifit away from direct sun, radiators and naked flames
  • Do not use Perifit if it feels hot to the touch

In order to avoid risks of allergy, irritation or infection:

  • Sterilize it
  • Use detergent or alcohol-containing cleaning agents on it
  • Leave Perifit inside the vagina more than one hour at a time
  • Share Perifit
  • Use Perifit if its silicone looks compromised
  • Use Perifit if some electronic parts are apparentIn order to avoid muscle pain:
  • Do not use Perifit anally
  • Do not use Perifit for more than 15 minutes per day and 50 minutes per week
  • Make sure you have inserted Perifit correctly. Please refer to the “Using Perifit” section of your User Guide

In order to protect your device and reduce risks of explosions:

  • Wash Perifit in boiling water
  • Microwave it
  • Clean it in a dishwasher
  • Use it during a bath or shower
  • Extreme heat (above 45°C)
  • Extreme cold (below 0°C)
  • Sustained pressure

If you have any questions, reach out to support in the app by clicking on “? ” or via email at the address .

2.2 Risks

Please be aware that in rare cases of using Perifit, you may experience the following effects:

  • Performing too many pelvic floor contractions may cause muscle fatigue which may result in muscle soreness, and in some rare cases may cause muscle damage. Limit your sessions to 15 minutes per session as specified in this User Guide. If you feel muscle soreness after using Perifit, please reduce the duration and frequency of your sessions. If the pain worsens or persists, please reach out to a qualified health professional for advice
  • Although Perifit is made with medical silicone, in very rare cases some particularly sensitive users may experience allergic reaction. Please follow carefully the section “Cleaning Perifit” of this User Guide. If Perifit causes you a feeling of dryness, burning or itching, please stop using Perifit. If the feeling remains, please reach out to a qualified health professional
  • In rare cases, insertion of an external object such as Perifit into your vaginal cavity may result in vaginal bleeding. In this case, please stop using your device immediately and reach out to a qualified health professional


2.4 Symbols legend

3. Product Information

3.1 Your Device

Perifit contains a battery and is not chargeable. It allows for 5+ years of training. Please refer to the Warranty section of your User Guide for further information.
Perifit is made from medical-grade silicone.
Battery voltage: 3V / Battery capacity: 210mAh.

3.2 How often and how long should I play?

Frequency and duration of use depends on each individual. A recommendation is to start by doing 2 to 5 ten-minutes sessions per week. Do not leave Perifit in the vagina for more than one hour at a time.

3.3 Setting up

1. Download the app
2. Press the ON/OFF button
3. Launch the app
4. Follow instructions

Do not use Bluetooth settings to connect!

Need Help? Click on “?” in the perifit app, or reach out to .

3.4 Using Perifit

1. Start by cleaning your hands and your Perifit with warm, soapy water
2. Turn Perifit ON by clicking on the ON/OFF button
3. Insert Perifit into your vagina. The lotus should be on the bottom, and the wire outside the body. Adjust the depth of the Perifit so that the narrow part between the white collar and the first pebble-shaped sensor is at the entrance of your vagina
4. Follow the app instructions
5. When you are done, turn your Perifit off by clicking on the ON/OFF button
6. Clean your Perifit with warm soapy water, dry it completely and store it in a safe, clean and dry environment for future use  (see next Section)

Perifit is water-resistant, and can thus be placed in a stream of water, but it should not be submerged or used in the bathtub. Avoid storing your Perifit in a place that is either too hot or cold (lower than 0°C or higher than 45°C). Do not use cleaning agents on Perifit.

`You do not need to charge Perifit. It is not chargeable.  The battery is intended for 1000 sessions of 15 min, which allows for 5+ years of training. Refer to to the Warranty section of your User Guide for further information.

If you have any questions, please reach out to support in the app by clicking on “? ” or via email at the address .

3.5 Cleaning Perifit

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching Perifit. You should clean your Perifit before and after each use.

  • Place Perifit under a stream of clear drinking-quality water, without submerging it
  • Rub it with commercially available soap, preferably without artificial fragrances and coloring (pH neutral), on all its colored surface
  • Rinse it thoroughly with clear drinking-quality water
  • Dry with a clean cloth or leave to dry on a clean cloth
  • Store it in a safe, clean and dry environment for future use. We recommend you use Perifit’s box to store it. Do not use an airtight container/bag. It is important that all residual moisture dries

Following your Perifit’s cleaning instructions regularly will ensure it remains clean from bacteria and will help you prevent potential infections.

Do not us detergent or alcohol-containing cleaning agents on Perifit.

4. Troubleshooting, Feedback and Complaint

Customer support can be reached by clicking on “? ” directly in the app or via email at the address . If you have any technical issue, please first refer to the Help articles of the App. If you notice any change in device performance please turn off your Perifit and contact us. If you have any complaint, please contact us. Any feedback is welcomed.

Users of Perifit do so at their own risk. Neither X6 Innovations nor its retailers assume any responsibility or liability associated with or for the use of this product. X6 Innovations reserves the right to revise and/or update this manual without being obligated to notify any users.

5. Warranty

Perifit is made from medical-grade silicone and is backed by a limited manufacturer’s guarantee against any defects in materials and/or workmanship for 2 years from the date of purchase. Defects discovered within the guarantee period should be reported to X6 Innovations.
X6 Innovations reserves the right to exercise its discretion in determining whether or not to replace a defective Perifit free of charge. This guarantee does not cover cosmetic deterioration or damage caused by general wear and tear, physical or natural destruction, accident, misuse, neglect or other external causes.
Any attempt to take the Perifit apart will invalidate this guarantee. Any guarantee claims must be supported with reasonable evidence, including proof of date of purchase, alongside these guarantee conditions. X6 Innovations must be notified of any defective Perifit.
We will then provide you with a Return Merchandise Authorisation number, which must be displayed on the outside packaging. In the event that X6 Innovations decides to replace your Perifit, any replacement Perifit will not extend the life of this guarantee.