Pelvic Floor and Life

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Learn about the effects that menstruation, pregnancy, sports, sex, and more have on your pelvic floor and how to avoid any future dysfunctions.


How to talk to your partner about your Prolapse
Pelvic Floor and Posture
Pelvic Floor and Age: What you need to know
Menopause and Your Pelvic Floor
Pelvic Floor and Your Sex Life
Pelvic Floor and Sports
Pelvic Floor and Your Sex Life During Pregnancy
Taking care of your pelvic floor postpartum
Pelvic Floor, Sports, & Pregnancy
Pelvic Floor and Menstruation
Pelvic Floor Exercises for Postpartum Recovery
How to Treat Stress Incontinence
Treat an Overactive Bladder
Prevent Pelvic Floor Disorders
Enhance your Intimate Wellbeing
Prevent and Reduce Prolapse