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It's simple, by empowering and helping mothers, the world becomes a better place. Health burdens have a heavy impact on women’s lives, especially mothers.

Our products aim to free mothers from antiquated constraints and give them the power to continue being the badass moms they want to be, without the discomfort of pelvic floor dysfunction.

Reduce urinary leaks

Reduce urinary urges

Prevent & reduce prolapse

Achieve post-natal recovery

Enhance intimate wellness

The world’s #1 selling Kegel exercisers

Strengthen your pelvic floor with video games

💡 Insert the Perifit Care device
🎮 Play games with your pelvic floor
✅ Detect inaccurate contractions
💪 Quickly strengthen your pelvic floor
🥳 Improve your overall pelvic health

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Proven medical effectiveness

💦 Reduce urine leaks effectively
🏃‍♀️ Find relief from urge incontinence
💪 Prevent and reduce prolapse
🎯 Improve your intimate well-being
👩‍⚕️ Reduce lower back pain

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🏆 The world’s #1 selling Kegel exerciser
⭐️ An outstanding 4.6/5 average rating
🔒 Leverages unique patented technology
👩‍⚕️ Endorsed by healthcare professionals
🥇 Unrivalled contraction quality tracking

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A pelvic floor coach in your pocket

👩‍⚕️ 7 personalized training programs
🥳 More than 20 motivating games
📈 Progress tracking in 5 dimensions
🥰 World’s largest support community
✅ Pelvic floor protection from damage

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Upgrade your training with Perifit Care+

😍 Advanced workouts for fast results
💆‍♀️ Small for a more comfortable use
❤️ Flexible to adapt to different anatomies
✅ Improved sensors and tracking accuracy
🎁 Exclusive features and training options

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Perifit Care | Original Kegel Exerciser Sale price$159.20 CAD Regular price$199.00 CAD
Perifit Care+ | Advanced Kegel Exerciser
Perifit Care+ | Advanced Kegel Exerciser Sale price$191.20 CAD Regular price$239.00 CAD
Perifit Care | Original Kegel Exerciser Sale price$159.20 CAD Regular price$199.00 CAD
Perifit Care+ | Advanced Kegel Exerciser
Perifit Care+ | Advanced Kegel Exerciser Sale price$191.20 CAD Regular price$239.00 CAD

The #1 best-selling pelvic floor trainer

The most advanced pelvic floor trainer

Comprehensive pelvic floor training

Small design for added comfort

Flexible design adapting to all anatomies

Position detection for more precise tracking

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reported reduced incontinence symptoms after 4 months*


health professionnels recommend Perifit

Dr. Arumala

The Kegel exerciser that I recommend and my patients love

Perifit Care is a Kegel exerciser designed by health professionals to assist you in performing effective kegels. It provides a small device and a mobile app that lets you control video games with your pelvic floor. Rather than guess work, reach for Perifit the Kegel exerciser that I recommend and my patients love.

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Julie Sutherland

Highly Recommend

It's been a great tool for strengthening my pelvic floor without stress. Quick reminder, play a few games and you're done. Love watching my progress as I see and also feel the difference. Highly Recommend.

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Charly Chow

Perifit Care literally changed my life

Fully recommend, plus you get to play flappy bird with your flaps and compete with other vaginas for the best score which is unusual and amusing.

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Sabine Michel

Highly recommend Perifit Care

The games are a lot of fun and my pelvic floor issues are so much better after only a few weeks regular training. The app also showed me that my kegels used to be poor quality; I was using my abdominal muscles too much. That knowledge alone – how to do kegels properly – helped me a lot in improving my wellbeing.

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Dr. Quozette

What a fun way to learn pelvic floor control !

It hooks up via Bluetooth to an app. First you pick a training program, then you calibrate the sensor... it's time to play! What a fun way to learn pelvic floor control!

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Miyesa Hussain

Really high quality product

After a vaginal birth I was searching for an item which could help me get my pelvic floor back into shape and this makes the practice seamless. It's easy not to know where to start however with this product it's actually enjoyable and will ultimately help you reach your goal of getting back to you. The App and Games are amazing. Lots of new content too. Would recommend to any ladies looking for a creative way to get your pelvic muscles into shape.

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Perifit Care is about as fun as pelvic training can get. For anyone serious about improving their pelvic health in an enjoyable way, Perifit Care is my top recommendation.

Dr Nita Landry, Board Certified OB/GYN

Perifit Care exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend Perifit Care if you're looking for help and motivation to strengthen your pelvic floor.

Dr Sara Duvall from Core Exercise Solution

Perifit Care is a lot more fun and interactive than other devices. I will definitely be recommending it to my clients.

Dr. Casie Danenhauer, Physiotherapist

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Experience the benefits of Perifit with complete peace of mind, thanks to our 100-day, hassle-free, money-back guarantee.

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Save on recurring costs with Perifit. One purchase, a lifetime of benefits—no more constant spending on disposable solutions.

Non-Invasive Solution

Discover a drug-free, surgery-free solution through our innovative biofeedback technology, offering natural relief.

CE-Certified Devices

Perifit Care and Perifit Care+ are both CE-certified devices, meeting the highest standards of medical device regulations.

Safe Wireless Connection

Perifit uses Bluetooth Low Energy for secure and reliable connections that adhere to medical device safety standards.


* Statistics calculated from a sample of anonymized data from over 30,000 users of the application in November 2023.