Perifit Care | Original Kegel Exerciser

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💪 Pelvic floor strengthening to reduce bladder leakage and improve pelvic health

👩‍⚕️ Proven medical effectiveness to reduce incontinence symptoms

✅ Unique biofeedback technology with real-time detection of inaccurate contractions 

🎮 Interactive video games for motivating training and engaging regular practice

🏠 Easy-to-use and discreet for comfortable training at home

100-day trial period

Enjoy free and easy returns for 100 days

Free and discreet delivery

Anonymous parcel without mention of Perifit brand

As simple as it gets

💡 Insert the Perifit Care device
🎮 Play games with your pelvic floor
✅ Detect faulty contractions
💪 Quickly strengthen your pelvic floor
🥳 Improve your pelvic floor health

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An effective medical solution backed by science

💦 Reduce urine leaks effectively
🏃‍♀️ Find relief from urge incontinence
💪 Prevent and reduce prolapse
🎯 Improve your intimate well-being
👩‍⚕️ Reduce lower back pain

See Medical Effectiveness

A pelvic floor coach in your pocket

👩‍⚕️ 7 personalized training programs
🥳 More than 20 motivating games
📈 Progress tracking in 5 dimensions
🥰 World’s largest support community
✅ Pelvic floor protection from damage

Discover How it Works

External Bluetooth Antenna

Our Bluetooth Low Energy antenna ensures a stable and safe connection, using the same technology found in healthcare devices like heart monitors, glucose monitors, and blood oxygen monitors, as well as everyday smart devices.

Superficial Sensor

The Perifit Care's surface sensor is essential for effective pelvic floor workouts, accurately detecting muscle contractions for precise training and better results.

Deep Sensor

Detects changes in abdominal pressure, which correspond to faulty contractions, aiding in monitoring your exercises and protecting your pelvic floor.

Cut out the guesswork

Perifit Care removes uncertainty by providing real-time feedback, indicating when you're engaging your pelvic floor muscles correctly, simplifying and enhancing your pelvic health journey.

Monitor your technique

Without feedback, only 50% of women perform Kegels correctly, while 1/4 risk unintentional harm. Perifit Care's dual sensor biofeedback helps improve your technique with visual cues and protects you pelvic floor from harm.

100-day trial


Customer Reviews

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Sarah Anderson
Brilliant idea

This makes pelvic floor excersises enjoyable it also prompts me to remember to do them. Not the actual device but the whole idea of keep exercises being through a game in your phone.
Fab idea 💡 love it
Have remembered to use it a couple of times now, plus ger reminders on my phone to complete games.
The kegel device links to the app, you control the flow of the game through the pelvic squeezes...
Fresh idea.
Brilliant value.
I initially had a problem with the postage not peri fit fault.
I emailed and another was sent out immediately communication throughout.
Fab device which moiters progress to early to notice results but I am hopeful


Perifit Care | Original Kegel Exerciser

Susan Mitchell

I haven’t got to try it yet. I will give my thoughts when I can be honest very excited to get started

Julie Beaudoin

Jusqu'à maintenant j'apprécie le produit et j'ai hâte de voir des améliorations.

Perefit compared to Perefit+

I have urge and stress incontinence.
The urge issue is worse than the stress incontinence.

I bought the Perefit first, and have just bought the Perefit+.

I know how to do kegels, but have been surprised at how helpful it has been, to see what the contractions are doing on the screen, and how motivating the games are.

After a month of using Perefit original, and having just recived the Perefit+, I have seen a big difference in fit and comfort for me.
The Perefit original, would never settle in place, and I was always readjusting and pushing it back in. During contractions, my muscles would push hard aginst the device, and I found after I had finished and removed the device, my urge incontince was triggered and set off, and it would take a while for rhings to calm down.

I have now tried the new Perefit+ for the past three days, and it was imediatly comfortable, and I couldnt even feel it inside me.
When doing kegels, it felt completely natural. I didn't feel like I was pushing against a hard object, it felt like I was doing kegels the natural way, with nothing inside, but the most positve change, was that my insides weren't aggravated afterwards, and I wasn't left feeling like my urge incontinence had been triggered.

Things are improving slowly, and I feel good about the results... but I'm very glad I tried both shapes, as I would've have beleived such a small change in shape, would be so dramatic. I think if I had carried on with the Perefit original, it may have made things worse for me, but the new shape of the Perefit+ is a much better fit for me.

I would give 5 stars to Perefit+