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Kegel Exerciser with App | Perifit

Les mêmes exercices se font sans ce biduke

Best so far

It is fun and works well but i need my own motivation and dedication lol

Kegel Exerciser with App | Perifit

Pretty surprised

I was too bored to do kegals with any consistency but the perfit is entertaining and frankly the results are terrific.

Pretty fun!

Love it! It works well and its pretty fun and challenging. I can see a difference after only a few use.

Super fun and you don’t even realize you’re working!

I absolutely love my perifit and hope it helps get me to where I need to be to fix some of my pelvic floor issues.
It’s super easy to use and set up and you have no clue you’re working the muscles as much as you are because you’re busy having fun playing the games trying to be as good as you can be every time you play!
I love that it gives you progress updates and shows you 3D of how you’re squeezing the muscles and tells you the quality of the work you’re doing each time!
I highly recommend using this to anyone with issues!

Good learning stuff on the app. Easy to use. Good product. Would recommend!

Great games

I thought it would be fun for a day or two and then get bored, but the interface is great, the games are fun and quite elaborate and the stats are encouraging.

great for sexual health!

the games are super fun and the device is easy to use


Fun but I wished there would be more than 12 games, doing 4 games per day, it comes back pretty often. Used it every day for 3 weeks, no change with my sports incontinence yet. Hope it will improve soon

Exactly what I had hoped

Great product. What I appreciate most is the 5 dimensional progress diagram : strength, speed, endurance, control and quality.
I had been to a pelvic floor physiotherapist and the game patterns mimic exactly the exercises she had prescribed.
I also appreciate that it is a medical training tool (not a dildo) which is also what I was hoping.

Please send again in a month and I will give you a detailed review

Kegel Exerciser with App | Perifit

Very impressed

I'm loving the perifit. It's fun, easy and is making a difference already! I like that it makes a very awkward exercise fun.

It’s a game changer!

Day after day, I see improvement. It’s fun, easy and it works!

My doctor suggested Perifit and I am happy with the results so far, plus it is easy to use.

Kegel Exerciser with App | Perifit

Kegel Exerciser with App | Perifit

I like it a lot!! Fun with motivation! Nice to see how you progress! Just started, less than a month ago, but I think I started notice a little improvement:))

Fantastic results, ADHD-friendly and I got it for free!

I’ve been suffering from mild incontinence the last few years and after just a few weeks of using the Perifit on a daily basis, I’ve seen fantastic improvement. I’m a gamer and I have ADHD and the Perifit games keep me interested and coming back for more. I am delighted that I can play Pong with other women; it totally cracks me up when I visualize me and some other random lady squeezing our va-jay-jay‘s and scrunching up our faces to beat each other in a game that was released 50 years ago. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!!!

I’ve told all my friends about the Perifit and will continue to sing his praises.

Also, my workplace offers a wellness subsidy for health equipment, fitness classes, etc. and I thought, why not? I mean, I’d love to see someone from HR try to argue that incontinence isn’t a valid health issue. I was almost hoping they would, so I could climb up on my “women’s health” podium… But sadly, my workplace is pretty awesome so there was no one to argue with; they covered it, no questions asked. If you were lucky enough to have a similar benefit at work, that’s worth keeping in mind.

Kegel on!!

Motivating and Easy to use!

I’ve had my Perifit device for about 2 months and I am very happy with it! My doctor recommended I start pelvic floor physiotherapy but I prefer to do the exercises in the comfort of my own home and I’ve found this device to be very helpful so far. The device and app help to motivate me to take the time to do the exercises each day and it’s very easy and also fun to use. Great customer service as well! Whenever I had questions, they were very helpful. I also love that the app is constantly being updated with more games and features. Highly recommend!

So glad I bought this!

I’ve only been using my Perifit for a couple of weeks, but I’m seeing improvement! It helps me to get motivated to do my kegel exercises and stay consistent. I love the biofeedback and the games are really engaging! The progress information is really helpful, and encouraging too!

Took a month…but the difference is massive!!

I wasn’t sure what to really expect from this. Decided to try it as my pelvic floor physiotherapist would only give me a bunch of little exercises to do 3 times a day which not all are discrete and working industrial construction I am not going to be doing half of the non discrete exercises at work! I figured I would mix this in once a day and do hers when I could. She refused to work with me after hearing I do hers once a day and do this once a day. I can say after 25 days of having this (doing 4 times a week, 15 minutes each time) I have noticed massive results. I now suggest it to everyone because it’s made such a massive difference in my life.

Loving it!

I've been using Perifit for a month now, and I love it!
The variety of games makes training fun , so it's easy for me to keep up with a good frequency of sessions.
They also offer a great service, very helpful and responsive.
I also like following the evolution of my pelvic health, it's encouraging to see my efforts translating into progress.
I recommend!