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Extremely empowering!

This is a cleverly designed tool that effectively addresses key challenges pertaining to pelvic reeducation. You get the feedback you need to do the exercises properly, and the motivation to keep with the program. Never thought Kegel could actually be fun! Thank you, Perifit!

My pelvic floor was very weak and causing issues with incontinence. I didn't know how to do kegel exercises properly despite having tried a lot of different methods. Being a gamer I thought that this device was absolutely perfect for me and I wasn't wrong. It was a tad strange at first however within 3 days of steady use I've noticed a difference already. And have already recommended to my gf's

Help me to synchronize my pelvic floor

Super fun, not sure about accuracy

I’m enjoying it so far. Playing video games with my vagina is hilarious. I do wonder about its accuracy. If I sit in one position, it measures all my contractions as perfect and super strong. But if I shift into a slightly different position , the contraction quality and strength drops right down. I don’t know which one is correct

C super

Perifit App

It’s great! I’m still trying to get the hang of all the games. Endurance, strength, speed & control are still a work in progress. It’s frustrating but with time & persistence it will pay off.

It’s an adjustment

Navigating technology and working out my pelvic floor is not something I ever thought I would have to do. Playing the games is fun once you figure it out. 15 mins goes crazy fast!

Fun and effective

I have partial prolapse and mild incontinence. My gynaecologist told me about Perifit and since I have abhorred doing kegels in the past (and therefore was never consistent) I thought I’d give it a try. It’s fun!! The short training sessions go by in no time. Loads of variety in the games. Jet pack Pug is my current favourite. After two weeks I notice the difference as both my strength and control have improved. Highly recommend this product.

Easy to use, I m still working to get control of my Palvic floor

Kegel Exerciser with App | Perifit

Très interactif pour rester motivé!
J’adore aussi le coach kegel qui nous aide à bien contracter.

Kegel Exerciser with App | Perifit

Love it

Worth it!: Post-partum rehab

This device is amazing! I had a 4th-degree tear after giving birth to my son. It was highly recommended I do physio. I had a really hard time keeping up with the daily exercises. Not only were they boring af but I didn't see or feel like there was any progress. Perifit is exactly what I needed to get on track. I actually look forward to the workout lol

I have used Perifit on a regular basis and love it! This is a new one, and I need to get back on track!


It’s an ingenious device!

Easy to use. Great feedback. Fun.

NEW: Pelvic floor coach with app | Perifit+

NEW: Pelvic floor coach with app | Perifit+

3 weeks in and seeing improvement already.

Wish I had known sooner

Wow this was an amazing purchase! I've only been using it for just over a week. At first I was skeptical since the Perifit+ looks identical to the Pokemon Character Mew (tail and all lol) but it quickly proved to be worth the purchase. I always wondered if I had been doing my kegel exercises correctly and now I'm able to actually see where I can improve. Since it can measure, it allows you to set goals for improvement. The games are fun and often I find myself wanting to keep playing when it prompts me to stop. If they end up making it that you can actually play against friends I think it would be a hoot. Any way I can't recommend this product enough, I already feel like I've made improvements!

Better than expected and it’s working!

I’ve been using Perifit for three weeks. I’ve only had one sneeze accident since I started using it. Prior, it was common to have two to three accidents a week. The games are so fun and I am surprised that not only do I have more control over leaks but I also feel really in touch with my body and empowered! I’m so glad I took the leap.

NEW: Pelvic floor coach with app | Perifit+

Amazing - totally worth it

20 days and I’m already not peeing myself haha
I can do jumping jacks now without leaking. And the games are so so fun. Also… my husband noticed a difference and commented on it ;) definitely worth it!

Best purchase ever

I had no idea I was doing ineffective kegals and how or why. The Perifit Has helped me improve the quality and taught me how to be effective while having fun. Ive had this for a few weeks. have a long way to go. I believe every women should have one of these I look forward to more practice It also helps me to be conscience of doing kegals during the remainder of the day. Thank you for the development of an excellent helpful product! and making it fun