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J'utilise le Périfit depuis un mois. J'aime le Périfit parce que je peux voir si l'exercice est bien faite et m'ajuster au besoin. Par contre, avec l'utilisation du Périfit, j'ai l'impression que je suis en train de perdre la technique que j'ai apprise avec la physiothérapeute. Le muscle se fatigue beaucoup plus rapidement et je n'arrive pas à dépasser 5 minutes d'exercices sans qu'on indique que la séance est terminée pour la journée. La plupart des jeux sont agréables à jouer. Je trouve que le Périfit m'aide à trouver la motivation pour faire les exercices sur une base régulière.

Vert useful

It is such a great tool to keep your feminin Health!

Plein de belles promesses!

J’ai des fuites urinaires depuis plus de 15 ans et j’avais comme accepté l’idée qu’il en serait ainsi. J’ai 65 ans et j’ai décidé d’utiliser le Perifit pour voir s’il était possible d’améliorer ma situation. Cela fait seulement 2 semaines que je l’utilise avec grand plaisir et j’arrive à raffiner les exercices petit à petit. Je souhaite ultimement avoir le plein contrôle des muscles du périnée et éviter l’opération qui est habituellement recommandée dans ma situation.

Wow! It works fast!

I gave birth twice, the last time 7 years ago. I did not think i had a problem, i just thought it was normal. Things are different when two 8 pounds water melon stretch their way down. In only just one week, I've stopped farting when i work out!! Sounds weird, I know... but the truth for me is this, in only one week i can hold on long enough to reach the bathroom without a single drop even when I waited way too long to go, and I've stopped farting without wanting it when I work out! All that in 6 sessions (one week). I'll write an another review with my BF's opinion of my new found control in action. 🤪

Does it work for rectal exercise?

Concerned about rectal prolapse but not sure about any exercises to strengthen the rectal muscles. Does anyone know if this product works for that?
Also wondering if there are any multiplayer games.


Definitely, I would recommend this to my friends and family. The games are motivating and fun. I get so excited to do the exercises. Great and amazing tool. I absolutely love it so much!!! Thank you for creating an amazing product.

Amazing device

It's very impressive how it works! I like the fact that it's useful to practice not just the muscle contraction but also relaxation which is also very important! With chinese balls we dont really practice relaxation, but with perifit we do! Seriously I love it! It's been 2 weeks only I'm using it and I'm already feeling a difference while having sex, it was good but now it's better! Not that much because I'm stronger but because I developed agility with this device and app! It's awesome! Worth every penny! :D

Great tool

I have been using this postpartum to help get my strength back (slow bladder leak issues after a difficult delivery). It’s great, and I love how I can track both my improvement and how my skills rate compared to others! Highly recommended! (And I don’t even really like video games)


Simply Fantastic and Fun!!
Efficient too. Makes me motivated to train.


I just bought 1 month ago and have noticed a big difference. I was getting up to go to the bathroom at least once if not twice a night and now not at all - Fantastic!!

I Honesty Cannot Believe It

I have been using my perifit for 6 days. I am so blown away but the change already. I do 15 minutes a day. I go power walking and I have to use a #4 pad when I walk. The pad is full once I'm done. Now after just 6 days , I still wear a #4 pad but today the pad was almost dry still. I was so shocked that I would see results so fast. Well worth the money. I couldn't be happier with the product.

Fantastic product will see results within a week

I worked hard to get my body back on track after the birth of my son. I admit I didn’t focus time or energy on my pelvic floor muscles, and I did some heavy lifting afterwards. I thought the ol “hold the pee in” was enough. I was mortified to discover I had a stage two prolapse. I won’t be seen by doctors as well as physio for months due to wait times. My self esteem took a hit. My mother who is a RN suggested this product. I do love my tech so I thought I’d give it a try.
Omg I’m only two weeks in but what a difference already. I don’t know how descriptive I can get but the prolapse use to “pop outside” (ick) and now by the end of the day everything’s at least still intact!! It’ll take months but one week showed major change!!! The device is simple to set up and use. I find the device shifts and moves when I first start my workout but stays in place for the 20 min a day exercise regime. The way the games identify what muscles to use is great! I’m on level nine and wow feeling the clench lol. The games keep you mentally focused so it’s not boring or draining in the least. I didn’t like the game Concentric at first because I couldn’t squeeze in time. Now it’s one of my favourites!
Again I’ve only used this product for two weeks, but I can’t see my progress reversing, I’m getting stronger by the day. Everyone overlooks women’a health, it’s nice to have a product that works! (If I hear imagine picking up a blueberries with your lady bits one more time I’m going to go crazy!)

Interesting fun way to get help

Slowly I feel change, I’ve been dealing with prolapse for a very long time , and doctors don’t seem to be a great help!
I’ve been doing my Perifit exercise program for prolapse aprox 35 min a day for over 2 weeks , I do feel a difference, yes the exercises work, I also know that my prolapse is not going to be corrected over night, but I’m very confident that with time , it’ll be a thing of the past!


This is a real challenge. I was pleasantly surprised how I wasn't as terrible as I thought after 2 kids, but I did discover I wasn't doing kegels as correctly as I thought. This is such a fun challenging way to do kegels. I look forward to doing them and doing them correctly. The games are fun and easy to play while watching TV or relaxing. Wish I could play online with friends haha 100% recommend.

Changing my life - love it!

I tend toward having a more hypertonic pelvic floor.
My goal for getting the perifit was to increase my mind-body connection to my pelvic floor and ability to relax.

IMPROVED QUALITY: I am learning how to ACTUALLY contract and relax my PELVIC FLOOR and not accessory muscles

IMPROVED BREAT PATTERN: I am getting feedback on my breathing pattern and how that impacts my pelvic floor and using that to my advantage in my day-day. Changing my breathing pattern ("umbrella opening and closing") positively impacts my pelvic floor, my digestion and wellbeing in general (diaphragm - vagus nerve - parasympathetic NS).

IMPROVED ABILITY TO RELAX: I have been concentrating more on my relaxation "strength" and coordination/release and I am slowly getting better at releasing the contraction which is so encouraging for me! I did start some relaxation stretches/release/breathing I found on Youtube, and lo and behold, my ability to relax my PF is improving as measured by the perifit! Therefore, the perifit is providing objective feedback that encourages me to continue with the relaxation stretches and breathing.

And yes, it is improving my very good pleasure haha Thank you Perifit! I'm looking forward to where I'm going to go with this very useful measured biofeedback!

Kegels are now fun

This tool is amazing! I’ve now done more kegels in 4 weeks than in my entire life. I’ve always had a weak pelvic floor and even more so after 2 kids. After 4 weeks, sex feels better and I can wait much longer for bathroom trips. The games are fun and make it easy to fit in 15 minutes a day. I like to look at the statistics and see how I’ve improved. This tool is also quite economical vs paying for physical therapy. Make sure you insert the tool the correct way. I had it upside down for a few sessions and the biofeedback was really erratic and frustrating. Now that I insert the correct way it has been great. Thank you Perifit for leveraging modern technology into a wonderful tool for self improvement.

Excellent instructions and performance

Battery lasts 5 years, no charging needed; start-up instructions brief and effective: I answered questions that defined my beginning needs, able to instantly perform, also improving after major surgeries, am 82 years old.


Can we compete against other users? Highest score gets a free gift??


I just got my Perifit. Tried it for 15 minutes... OMG that thing is amazing. Really teach you how To "workout". I tried kegggel balls. got mad because i didn't know if i was doing it rigth. Now i can't tell you, i WASN'T. Thank You the games help like crazy and make it rigth. It's like having à personal trainer watching you and telling you if you are doing your exercices the rigth way.

Good fun and great results

I’m 26 with no kids (yet) and am using this as a preventative. Works great! It really does motivate me to do it every day whereas with normal kegal exercises, I couldn’t be bothered or forgot. Play about 4 games and you’re done for the day.

I (and hubby) have both noticed a big difference after about 2.5 weeks of 10-15 minutes a day with 1 day break every few days.

Fun and effective

The games are really cute and I often spend more than 10 minutes, wanting to play "just one more". After a matter of days I was experiencing improvement in my urinary incontinence. This really does work!

More motivating

I find it much more motivating & fun to train with perifit than doing regular pelvic floor exercises. I noted improvements already after 2 weeks of daily (10min) training

Quite enconraging

this is different, quite encouraging, and fun! early days yet to see a difference

Fun way to do your Kegels

Fun way to do your Kegels. I am using it as a preventative...