Training with Perifit: How long and how often should I train?

The short answer: it all depends on your needs and condition!

If you are trying to get quick relief from incontinence symptoms, we recommend a weekly training regimen of at least five 10-minute sessions.

If you are just trying to maintain an already healthy pelvic floor, a weekly training regimen of two 10-minute sessions is acceptable.

Since the pelvic floor muscles fatigue pretty quickly, the quality of the Kegel contraction may be hard to maintain in prolonged sessions. Thus, it is better to do multiple 10-minute sessions rather than a few 30-minute sessions.

And remember, the more serious you are about relaxation, the more you can train without risking moving toward an excessive tightening of the pelvic floor muscles.

 The more you train, the faster you get results. We know how much this is complicated to make time for yourself but you won’t regret doing so, the results are amazing!

If you are unsure of how long you should be training, please check with your physiotherapist. They can provide some guidelines on the training frequency you should aim for based on your personal condition.